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Mor Assouline
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Sales reps, learn how to use your tone of voice to close more sales deals.

Learn the 5-Tonality Techniques I created to generate more sales conversions.

Trying to decide if The Tonality Sales Training is for you?

Who, specifically, is this course for?

The Tonality Sales Training is for all types of sales reps. From SDRs and AEs doing cold calling, discovery, and demos to founders that are selling every day.

Who should NOT buy this course?

If you are not having a lot of sales conversations with prospects (over the phone, Zoom, or in-person) then this course is probably not for you. Also, if you don't plan on dedicated time to roleplay every week then do not buy this course.

What problems will The Tonality Sales Training help me overcome?

No more monotone conversations with clients where you sound robotic. No more boring demos and lack of enthusiasm on calls. This training will help you unlock your natural tone of voice to have better sales conversations that close.

How long is this course and what format is it in?

The Tonality Sales Training is roughly 75 minutes long and is a video course with specific templates, techniques, and exercises.

Is there a discount?

If you invest in FDTC University then this course along with all future courses will be 100% free.

What's Inside?

01 Why Tonality

  • 3 Types of Impact
  • Storytelling Wisdom
  • The 7-38-55 Rule

02 What is Tonality

  • The Framework of Tonality

03 Examples of Tonality

  • The Baby Stroller
  • The "How Are you?"
  • The "Okay"
  • Tonality & Body Language
  • Emotional Tonality

04 Techniques and Exercises

  • The 5 Techniques
  • The Pressing Technique Demonstration
  • The Pressing Exercise 1
  • The Pressing & Pausing Exercise
  • The Pressing & Elongation Exercise
  • The Elongation & Inflection Exercise
  • The Elongation Exercise 1
  • The Pressing Exercise 2
  • The Pressing Exercise V2
  • The Elongation Exercise 2
  • The Elongation, Inflection Pausing Exercise
  • The Pressing, Inflection, Pausing Exercise
  • The Curiosity Exercise
  • Tonality Takeaways & Advice

Snippet From The Training:

What's Included:

✅ You'll get over 20 actionable lessons, with specific exercises to do.

✅ The Tonality Framework so you can immediately improve your sales conversations.

✅ My 5 Tonality Techniques that you can steal and use right away.

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  • ✅Over 20 actionable lessons ✅ Tonality Framework ✅ 5 Tonality Techniques

  • ✅Over 20 actionable lessons ✅ Tonality Framework ✅ 5 Tonality Techniques
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